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Who we are

Gold Ocean Capital Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is a corporate financial planner and advisory firm into investment banking alternatives for growing Mid-market companies. As corporate financial planner cum consultant, Gold Ocean Capital assists to a growing vis-à-vis established profitable companies and also an innovative new ventures in raising the funds in order to support the faster growth plan, execute management buyouts or leveraged buyouts, achieve acquisition financing, or refinance corporate debt. Unlike other investment bankers, we deliver our corporate financial solution in structured way that extends to clients a great valuable proposition, peaceful environment, consistent and progressive results at competitive cost. Our skilled and experienced business consultants are committed to making your organization more successful by offering you a personal service with honesty and integrity. Your interests always come first and we will work with you to discover new business possibilities, options and solutions that will move you forward and improve your performance.

Our core principle is to bring the Investors, Investee, Fund manager and Professional Consultants together on one platform, who are best in the respective field vis-à-vis different countries in the World; to serve SME and Mid-market clients by ensuring the highest level of integrity and dedication to each assignment.

Our expert team believes in finding competitive corporate financing alternatives that supports the stakeholder and manager to monitor and control their company’s affairs professionally and preserve equity.

We as corporate financial planner create professional business plans, monitor financial activities and performances in order to assist our clients use finance as means to materialize their Company’s unprecedented potential growth plan.