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Debt Syndication

Debt syndication is the process of distributing the money advanced in, generally a large loan, to a number of companies or investors.

Syndicate debt is a loan that is granted to companies who wish to borrow more money than any single lender or to risk in a single loan, usually many millions of dollars. In such a case, we provide solution to corporate to leverage on debt as an instrument to raise capital through structured financial products for various requirements including Greenfield projects, expansions, working capital by structuring and syndicating funds for  organic as well as inorganic growth strategy of the various Corporate’ in accordance with mandate.


Core functions are covered under this:

Business Development Plan Preparation

Under this, we commence post having detailed discussions with the client, understanding their business plan and future growth prospects. Based on the client's existing business profile, growth prospects and our knowledge of the debt market, we prepare a complete business development plan in a structured format. This allows the business to be presented proactively in front of potential lenders.

Road Show & Lender Short-listing

Under this, using our relationships with debt providers, we assist the client to decide on the kind of lenders who will be the right supplier of funds for the clients’ business. We also hold initial discussions with the lenders, assist the client by having road shows and meeting with the potential lenders and advise the client to priorities among the lenders and to shortlist them as per in line with mandate.

Finalizing Term Sheet

Under this, we assists the client to analyze various option from potential lenders, drive deal negotiations with them and ensure that the client enters into an agreement with the lender, which meets the client's strategic objectives. We use our relationship with the leading law expert in the country to ensure the clients’ long-term objectives in the agreement. We drive this process to reach closure on the transaction.

Consummating the Transaction

Under this, we assist the client in coordinating the overall consummation process, and assist the client to negotiate the final commercial term sheet with the potential investor/lenders.