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Private Equity and venture capital 

Private equity is the provision of equity capital by financial investors – over the medium or long term – to non-quoted companies with high growth potential.

Private equity covers not only the financing required to create a business, but also includes financing in the subsequent development stages of its life cycle.

 These and other important questions that will come to you as you read this guide are the kind of questions that investors will quickly ask you.

Private equity is an option worth exploring when you want to:

  • create a business;
  • improve and develop your export performance;
  • exploit the creativity and innovation of your team;
  • recruit highly qualified personnel;
  • sell part or all of your company;
  • change the size of your business and take over one of your competitors;
  • launch a new product;
  • improve your management capacity;
  • Liquidise some of your assets.

 We advise on:

  • Indian laws relating to structuring onshore and offshore fund.

  • Drafting offer documents for fund raising

  • Advising on securities registration issues in India

  • Registration of funds with regulatory authorities in India

  • Legal due diligence of prospective companies

  • Negotiation assistance from term sheet stage till actual deployment of fund

  • Documentation and overall transactional support

  • Obtaining government and regulatory approval from various regulators

  • Advising and assisting on exits